Aspire to exponential growth

In 6 weeks we will audit your company's operation and report how you can tweak it for exponential growth.


Our Blueprint Growth Audit™ is conducted at three levels of your enterprise:

     Your company's growth essentials (strategy)

     Your sales structure, systems and tools (operations)

     Your sales team's actual selling ability (skills & knowledge)


We use proprietary technology and interviews to collect information efficiently. Observations are compared to patterns seen in the top 5% of high-growth companies. We create a triangulated benchmark on your strategy, operations and skills, and present this to your executive team with a blueprint for change to place your company on a proven path to exponential growth.




producing 64%

and 56%






The 7 habits of highly successful companies


Escape Velocity

From Zero to a Billion

Growth Scorecard

The Inflection Point

Big Data analytics allows us to unlock previously hidden patterns. Our colleague, the late David G. Thomson, analyzed 20 years of stockmarket data to learn how many start-ups made it to an IPO then one billion in revenue, and if success was random or the result of doing certain things.


The study uncovered that high-growth companies all follow 7 habits. Importantly, when under-performing companies take the same actions, they turnaround and achieve the same pattern of growth.


This is the holy grail for business.


            It's the blueprint that prompted U.S. President Barack Obama to

            sign the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law.


            Banks and venture capitalists use the blueprint to evaluate

            which companies will produce the best rate of return.


            Investors and fund managers use the blueprint as a predictive

            indicator to invest early in the next wave of market leaders.


            Leaders of established companies use our blueprint to

            benchmark their enterprise, tap potential and grow with less risk.

Here's what we do for you

         We will run a health check on your sales, marketing & operations.

            Objective observation is made without baggage, politics or agenda.

            As a fresh set of eyes, we report back to your executive team.

            Then we'll show you how to unlock growth like never before.

  • Agree the scope
  • Executive kick-off
  • Scheduling
  • Take the Scorecard
  • Role-based surveys
  • Share information
  • Escape Velocity
  • Growth Attainment
  • Next Target
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • Tune
  • Present analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Agree priorities
  • Interview managers
  • Interview staff
  • Interview customers
  • Salesforce analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Branding analysis
  • Strategy analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Operations analysis
  • Calculate trajectory
  • Optimize trajectory
  • Draft report

Get the books


7 Essentials

How do Google, Genentech, Cisco, Skullcandy, Under Armour, Nike and Starbucks achieve and maintain market dominance? How are companies you haven't yet heard of yet on-track to be tomorrow's growth leaders? They're all applying the same 7 Essentials. These groundbreaking books explain:


     How to create and sustain a breakthrough value proposition.

     Why it is important to exploit a high-growth market segment.

     How to target marquee customers for referral networking.

     How to leverage alliances to break into new markets.

     How to manage cash to reinvest for exponential returns.

     Why a dynamic duo inside-outside leadership team is critical.

     How to build a board of experts in each of the 7 Essentials


These concepts aren't from one unique company, but are a quantifiable success pattern all winning companies follow to produce exponential returns in any economic cycle, any industry and culture. Learn their secrets.

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The Blueprint Growth Audit™ provides insight on what is, and foresight for what can be . . . higher revenue with lower risk.





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